Who We Are

We’re a group of 4 sophomores from Olin College of Engineering who decided to brave the #Blizzard2016 to participate in PennApps XIII.

What it does

The project is an app that communicates with a map of the US, via BlueTooth. The app (created by Katie) was made in Android Studio's and allows the user to enter in their interests and how many locations they want to go to. The input is then run through the Python program (written by Andrew) which finds, first, any city with the attractions that are relevant to the interest that the user entered. It then takes the number of cities that the user entered and chooses that many cities, based on which cities had the top rated attractions. It then finds the shortest path between those cities and shows you the results. The other aspect of this project is the bluetooth enabled LED map of the United States. The map (built by Mary and wired by Shreya) is laser cut acrylic with LEDs placed in the locations of major cities. When the button on the app is pressed, the LEDs on the map light up with the cities that were listed in the road trip, to give the user an idea of how far their trip could be and how much of the country that they could see on their way.

What's next for Scenic Route

The long term goal of this project would be to install these maps in travel agencies, bus/train terminals, and airports. Using the app, you can make your road trip inspiration and it could be displayed for you and other to see on the map. We would also like to add the ability to upload pictures to the trip and use it to share memories from your trip. Sharing trips with other people is another stretch goal for the project.

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