To be honest, we came up with the idea while wishing we were doing something other than the hackathon. We were all reveling in how profoundly good some of our favorite films were, and how cool of an experience it can be to watch them with the people we care about. However, we all realized that one of the major obstacles to reaching that profound bond is the fact that it's hard to find a movie to watch. It's fun having a go-to movie to watch for the thousandth time, but sometimes you realize the huge number of cinematic masterpieces that are just waiting to be watched. Our mission is to bring entertaining, emotional, and life-changing films closer to every day people than they ever have been before, making the unseen Scene.

Some features I enjoy are the efficiency with which people can flip through movie representations, the simplicity with which they can make decisions, and the ease with which they can access interfaces to actually watch the film. We used the Rotten Tomatoes API to populate a mongodb database that we pull all our movie information from, and we used AngularJS and node.js to make some of the cooler features on the site. But the key feature I'm most proud of is the overall aesthetic of the product. It's simply beautiful. I wish you could experience Scene for yourselves, but we were in a pinch, and were unable to make a video in time, but we're hoping our demo app will make up for it.

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