Since we had 36 hours on our hands, we decided this would be the perfect opportunity for our first VR project build. Escape rooms are becoming quite a popular phenomenon these days- a group of people are locked down in a controlled environment, making their way out on the foundation of clues and teamwork. We wanted to build a similar environment using 3D renderings.

What it does

As the name suggests, we built a scavenger hunt environment- where one user is inside the virtual escape room and second user guides them with the set of clues they are provided with.

How we built it

Majority of the 3D world was built by us in Unreal Engine, integrated with Blueprints that tracks our movement captured by HTC Vive

Challenges we ran into

  1. Due to the high benchmarks required by SteamVR, we only had one machine that we used the whole time for project development.
  2. We constructed a 2 story building, but the bounds defined on both the floors kept interrupting with each other for the most part- teleporting us to undesired spots.
  3. Unable to setup a Version Control for the project due to the size of the project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

2 CS major students- 1 Vive, 1 PC and no prior VR development experience. Yet being able to build a full 3D environment where we could accurately track movement was quite an achievement. Being able to implement our own locked door-key system took quite a while, but is one of it's kind at the moment in VR development!

What we learned

No matter how many languages you know, IDE's you use, lines of code you write; there's always room for learning more! We learned how complex the game engines are and how hard it is to implement even the simplest ideas in game dev!

What's next for ScavengerHuntVR

Add more activities to make the duration of escape room last longer. Also, we would like to establish a live voice chat feature over ambient sounds in the game to make the expedience more elated.Overall, this project will help us greatly in building more VR applications.

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