What it does

Compete with your friends and build great team building as you race to find all the items in the scavenger hunt with your phone, be active and compete.Supports integration with FitBit to track your stats while out and about searching for your items!

How we built it

Used Node/Express in the backend and HTML/CSS/JS for the front end with sockets as the primary form of communication. We focused heavily on our robust backend because we wanted to make sure that people would be able to play our game during demo time so the frontend and some of the features we want to implement are lacking. We were able to do on behalf authentication using OAUTH 2 flow to retrieve a users fitbit data and show them some stats on their current steps and activity. We're looking to show them the difference between their statistics before and after they played the game because we want this game to be fun but help people to be more active and realize how fun being active can be. We used a deep convolutional neural network based API that gave us the ability to use their models to predict the what object we took a picture of with out phones making the game not only on being able to get to the item first and take a quick picture but also of who can take the best picture, good enough for the neural networks to pick them up. In the future we would like to train some custom models for the game to be expanded even for to something like recognizing the UHacks logo.

Challenges we ran into

and webRTC. iOS has many issues when it comes to using webRTC that are not as well document as one would like them to be. Getting video to stream on iOS took us over 2 hours to troubleshoot.

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