We started off with the motivation to build a game and work with android for the first time. After tumbling from ideas like 3D Battleship to a Real-Time MTA Subway Race, we finally decided on something that not only is fun but is also something useful. We then thought about the idea of having an automated scavenger hunt, and pursued it.

What it does

Planning a scavenger hunt is a tedious process that involves either finding places or finding objects; we thought we could combine and automate that process. Our application randomly generates commonly found places and objects around you, and creates a task list for you to complete as a team.

How we built it

Using Clarifai's API, we recognized objects and using Foursquare's API, we recognized your proximity to the designated location.

Challenges we ran into

Since we all were new to android, several basic integrations posed difficult challenges for us.

What's next for Scavenger

Creating and Sharing Custom Scavenger Hunts.

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