Augmented reality games (e.g. Pokemon Go) inspired us to make a game that lets users interact with their environment while having fun. With our app, we intent to simplify and revolutionize scavenger hunts (and Easter egg hunt!)

What it does

ScavaHunt is a scavenger hunt game on your phone. You choose your category (school, home, etc.) and the app will ask you to find a specific item related to your category. You will have a fixed amount of time to find the items and each correct answer will give you points. You have infinite many trials and you can skip items, but be fast because the clock is ticking!

How we built it

This is an android app built using Java and integrated with the Watson Visual Recognition api to validate each image.

Challenges we ran into

Screen overflow problem because we instantiated too many screens, but we didn't clear the screens once we were done with the activities Passing data across activities Initial setup issues with Android Studio and merge conflicts

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Being able to parse data from Watson Visual Recognition api and making our game work. The timer in the app needed to persist even when the player is taking a picture with the camera app. The timer needed also to be paused while the app is making api calls to Watson since a long processing time would make it unfair to players.

What we learned

  • Android Studio and Java (front end and back end)
  • ML image recognition with Watson Visual Recognition api (and its limitations)
  • Solve git merge conflicts

What's next for ScavaHunt

Multiplayer, more categories and/or themed categories (e.g Easter egg hunt with our app!)

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