I always wanted to create an immersive minigame in VR and when I saw the virtual hackathon and Viond as a sponsor I hopped on to create my very first immersive, interactive minigame using only the features Viond offers.

What it does

After starting the experience you get a short explanation by text that fades in. Afterward, you can enter the actual minigame through a door. In the game, you have to find five items in a room by looking at them. There is a timer going five minutes that will countdown the time you have left. If the times runs out before you find all the items, you will be confronted with a jump scare and can't finish the game. You can only restart to get back to the first room. If you find all the items you can leave the room by looking at the door and will be congratulated by some confetti raining down.

How I built it

I built it by just using the tools the Viond builder offers. I tried to add as much interactivity as possible, given the possibilities. I created all the graphics using Photoshop. The main background image, as well as the clown and items, were bought from

Challenges I ran into

Viond doesn't offer the full package you would need to create minigames since I think it was built for a more b2b kind of purpose. Anyway, it was very fun to increase the degree of interactivity and make that the main cause of the experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created a real VR experience. All by myself. Without any code.

What's next for Scary VR Clown Experience

There definitely can by some more Levels to go. Might be fun.

Built With

  • viond
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