• trying to make a fighting game using the Myo wearable armband movement input technology, which is perfect for this application
  • the creation of procedurally generated terrain within a cube took on a cavelike form, which inspired the shadows and overall theme of fighting terrifying monsters in the cave
  • after asking for tips from the Fusion 360 booth we learned about Mesh Mixer and quickly and easily created many more super creepy monsters

What it does

  • the Myo takes user input for fighting the monsters
  • the cave terrain is regenerated with every boot of the game, so no two plays are the same
  • characters are randomly placed throughout the level to fight

How I built it

  • programmer did some crazy magic in Unity and I spent the weekend making monsters with Sculptris/Mix Master/Max and creepy music with Garage Band and some random program online, and watching my computer crash about every 3 minutes.

Challenges I ran into

Our game is so good that our computers are even afraid of it!

Both of our computers crashed dozens upon dozens of times and required tons and tons of reworking.

Also, we were a team of two - a programmer and a non-programmer artist.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Something worked. We are still awake. We have something to show for this weekend. Much of what we tried to do worked.

What I learned


  • I need a new laptop.
  • Mesh Mixer can easily replace the Sculptris > Max portion of my previous Sculptris > Max > Unity pipeline (for sculpting and optimizing polygons)
  • I need sleep more than the world needs scary monsters I made while avoiding sleep.

What's next for Scary Dark Game

Presenting, where we've got music, demos of the bits and bobs of our game, and lots of screenshots of the art


  • I will definitely be making more monsters, even if they just live in my computer scaring away my hard disk space.

Built With

  • 3dsmax
  • art
  • c#
  • meshmixer
  • myo
  • platinum-platypus-eskimo-phlegm
  • sculptris
  • unity
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