We need an effective method to kill viruses, without forcing approaches that people find cumbersome.

What it does

  • We suggest here a design of a device to kill viruses based on artificial intelligence and acoustic shower.

How I built it

  • Many people have studied peculiar sounds created by many insects.

  • In 1991, a pathobiologist had made a quantitative assessment of the germicidal efficacy of ultrasound energy.

  • In 2008, two physicists used atomistic approach to compute low frequency mechanical modes of viral capsids.

  • This research was perceived as a new way to kill viruses by shaking them to death.

  • In 2017, several physicists used x-ray scattering method to reveal nanoscale structural features of viruses.

  • Studies like this enable us to compute frequencies of resonance with the outer shells of corona viruses.

  • Using this approach, we will find inaudible sound waves and soliton pulses that can scare or kill Covid-19 viruses.

  • We will then make a device called ScarVi, which will consist of two active parts.

  • ScarVi's artificial intelligence part will detect people with Covid-19 infection within a group of people.

  • ScarVi's acoustic shower part will spread acoustic waves or solitons that can deactivate or kill Covid-19 viruses.

  • ScarVi device may be installed on pillars or walls in locations where many people gather or travel.

  • We believe that ScarVi will greatly reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Challenges I ran into

Datasets needed for designing the systems are not yet available.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

ScarVi has a great potential as a viable method.

What I learned

Similar devices already exist for insects.

What's next for ScarVi - Scare the Virus

I will conduct experiments and build a prototype system as proposed here.

Built With

  • acoustics
  • ai
  • physics
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