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For me, depression was always relatively indifferent to me, until last year I suffered it firsthand. I experienced a situation that I would not wish for anyone else to experience, but it is a reality and we cannot escape from it. Therefore, I would like to work to reduce the incidence of this in our lives. And not only for young adults or adults, but for all age ranges.

What it does

The main idea is for Scarlet to function as a companion bot for people who feel desolate, detecting symptoms of depression, anxiety or some other illness in the conversation with the user.

How we built it

Scarlet has two versions, the mobile one, which will be created through thunkable or (failing that) with AppInvetor. Whereas the web page was created using html and Javascript in Qoom. In addition to the virtual assistant integrated into the page, which was created with DialogFlow. The latter analyzes the user's responses to create new responses that satisfy what the user requests, helping them in turn.

Challenges we ran into

I think the main difficulty was doing everything myself. I underestimated my abilities and the time I was going to spend creating. Many ideas remained on paper and I could not finish satisfactorily. Still, I'm proud of what I was able to create and I look forward to developing Scarlet another time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I never believed that I was capable of doing what I delivered on my own. It exceeds my abilities by far and that makes me feel proud of myself.

What we learned

I must overcome my fear of my bad pronunciation in English and create new bonds. I think it could have been different if I had taken the initiative to join a team.

What's next for Scarlet

I want to finish what I started. I feel like there is still a lot to complete that due to the limitations of where I developed the application. After that I want to create user login with password and nickname, using a database. I want the whole project to work in complete harmony. Both the web and the mobile part.

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