I love to get scared. Whenever I am bored, I try find new horror movies to watch. A scary website is the best solution for all horror movie fans when they are bored.

What it does

It has three features :

  • A hide and seek ghost.
  • A scare room with scary surprises
  • A room where you have to find the door or stay to listen to music.

How I built it

Using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The hover feature of buttons gave me this idea.

Challenges I ran into

Hovering over a button or two was easy. But, when it is 729 buttons you have to deal with, it became really complicated. But, it was fun and worth it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The website is not a jump scaring type but, it really gives a spooky vibe. Not to mention the background music. It really suits the Halloween season.

What I learned

  • How to pop up images when hover over the button.
  • How to embed music and make it invisible.
  • How to make touch sensitive ghost (Our Amchuz)

What's next for Scare You

  • An jump scare room.
  • A room to generate Halloween costumes based on GAN.

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