Scenario - for example, If a person going for a job interview or Admission the organization needs a verification ie, third-party Background verification, and analyze of him/her? Explanation - By this Application, they can easily with the id search him/her, lets's see the brief intro of the Application Our application integrates all Student profiles from Government, Private to the network, Information like their real education History, Sports Achievements, Authorised Certification, etc are viewed through their unique Scard Id which is a unique Id generated from any Government Id(which every person are registered) Note: I'm from India we have one of the unique cards Aadhar Id with an Attached Phone Number In this project I used a fake aadhar num Id as an example All information about student or professionals are stored in a blockchain ledger that cannot be deleted, for example, if a person moves from one School to another it will be updated, Pros It will avoid duplication, and fraudulence It looks like a digital resume. In addition, government incentives, Funds, and offers for Students are stored under Block chain storage technology. So that they can easily initiate it with the help of Scard. It’s a kind of one-to-one communication to avoid duplications and third-party Background Verification. Blockchain storage maintains a digital ledger of connected blocks of information that represent how Student's data are organized and shared. It establishes transparency and privacy of students’ data while allowing access and sharing when needed. Protected by state-of-the-art security solutions, attackers would require vast computational capabilities even to target a blockchain-powered network, severely limiting the frequency, possibility, and effectiveness of attacks.

How the Person Details is updated? When a person starts studying or working in an organization or Institution they will update about his interests, scores, and achievements with an Admin login, Different admin logins will be shared to every authorized institution so they can update easily

Implementation for Prototype: React UI has 3 dynamic logins Student, Organisation, admin Authentication - Firebase Authentication Database - blockchain(But for the prototype we have used firestore) Container Registry - converts into Docker Images Cloud Run - Serverless Deployment on cloud Run

Execution guide In terminal use - npm start Student Id Number - (2345 5678 5678 )or (2568 8654 8564) For Phone number Login - use your phone number + OTP Organization Login - TCP Organization Password - TCP@123

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