We want to make everyone impressed by our amazing project! We wanted to create a revolutionary tool for image identification!

What it does

It will identify any pictures that are uploaded and describe them.

How we built it

We built this project with tons of sweats and tears. We used Google Vision API, Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

Challenges we ran into

We couldn't find a way to use the key of the API. We couldn't link our html files with the stylesheet and the JavaScript file. We didn't know how to add drag and drop functionality. We couldn't figure out how to use the API in our backend. Editing the video with a new video editing app. We had to watch a lot of tutorials.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The whole program works (backend and frontend). We're glad that we'll be able to make a change to the world!

What we learned

We learned that Bootstrap 5 doesn't use jQuery anymore (the hard way). :'(

What's next for Scanspect

The drag and drop function for uploading iamges!

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