Our main source of inspiration was the innate difficulty in simply purchasing a product at the best price possible. Furthermore, we wanted to better educate the consumer populus to allow for these customers to obtain the best deals possible when buying products. 

What it does

With the myriad of options available to purchase any given product, at times it can be difficult even impossible to find a good deal; however, with our ScanSafe mobile application, these worries will disappear. Specifically, our app enables customers to scan their product’s barcodes and mere seconds later a list of other locations in which the product is available is displayed. The customer can then select the most feasible and cheap option presented and will be able to come out of their shopping experience feeling satisfied. In summary, by using user friendly scanning systems, we are able to help customers choose the best options for the many products on the market. 

How we built it

We used a multitude of API’s and platforms to develop our app, including the Semantics 3 API for the database query retrieval, deep searches through Walmart, Amazon, Target etc. product databases, Android Studio, and finally Zebra Crossing API for barcode scanning. 

Challenges we ran into

Throughout this project, we faced many challenges regarding the integration of code between separate platforms. Namely, our code on our Java IDE was slightly incompatible with code on the Android OS platform. Although, in order to work around this problem, we utilized methods and logic that were fluid throughout both platforms. 

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to successfully implement code from a variety of APIs and databases, and that we were able to create a user-friendly application that could accurately scan barcodes. We were not only able to successfully use computer vision to scan the barcode and obtain the code, but we also were able to obtain prices from many other stores using APIs.

What we learned

From this project, we were able to learn valuable skills regarding the usage of API’s and databases, as well as multiple platforms to bring code together.

What's next for ScanSave

We look to expand our product to iOS and have it available on the Apple App Store because we realize that not everyone has an Android device. Additionally, we would like to implement machine learning to determine which of the deals would be the best for the customer based on their location and priorities. 

School: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

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