After coming here and seeing all the brilliant designs there was a gaping whole on the field of emotional intelligence. It is incredibly hard for a robot to be able to understand what a human is feeling. That is nowhere scanning you comes in.

What it does

It discovers if a person is happy or sad by taking a picture of someone and analyzing it.

How I built it

I built out using a website that accessed the video camera which would then send a picture as a blob to a database where it would then be accessed by Wolfram's API to analyze whether it is happy or sad.

Challenges I ran into

At first, I tried Mongo as my database of choice but after 30 minutes of not doing any progress, I eventually tried three other databases before landing on Heroku. Also, for a majority of Saturday Wolfram's website was incredibly slow and was not working so I had to download the entire 7gb software to my computer to use Wolfram.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The linking of all of the databases to my actual website and getting the computer to find out what emotion is being felt a majority of the time if not all of it.

What I learned

I learned a lot more about HTML and java script, I also learned how to make an AWS that could help me send files.

What's next for Scanning You

In the future, I hope to be able to make Scanning You into an easily accessible website that anyone can go to and can find out what emotion they are feeling from a larger choice of emotions.

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