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Who: For those who prefer writing in their agenda, but find it inconvenient to lug around their physical planner, but still want access to it.

What: Scans the agenda for events and todo’s and uploads to a digital calendar and to do list. If time allows, we would sync with Google Calendar or something.

Why: It’s great to write out your plans with pen and paper, but then it’s inconvenient taking around a big planner with you everywhere. It’s nice to be able to take a picture of your agenda and have it automatically update your digital calendar and to do list, so that you can access it on your mobile, as well as make changes and add stuff.

Features: OCR scanner that scans handwritten info about event times and to do lists Nice UI for users to edit events on the calendar or the list (In the future) reminders/due dates (In the future) Prints out the week (In the future) Syncs with Google Calendar

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