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Crumbs is a platform to connect qualifying front-line workers, local businesses and customers needs. The main goal is to reward those who put themselves at risk by partially or fully funding their meals. In addition, we also keep revenue within the community by supporting and promoting purchases with small and local businesses. Customers don't have any additional charges, but can choose to donate out of their own pockets if they wish to do so.

What it does

The main concept that we introduce is the idea of a micro-fund. Front-line workers, if they are chosen to be invited into the platform, can make a request for a bulk order of meals and ask the community to fund said meals. Local businesses that have opted into the donation process can stake some percentage of their profits as donations (somewhere in the neighborhood of 1-5% or even more!), which customers who paid for the meals can redeem and donate to the micro-fund of their choice. Customers can also choose to advance the funding on any micro-fund with their own money if they wish to do so. Business Channels


Besides obviously rewarding front-line workers for their hard work, small and local businesses also get a boost from this platform. Not only can they write off these donations, businesses will also be listed on our platform and become "Crumb certified". This will drive more customers to the business generate additional revenue, likely offsetting the cost of joining the platform. On top of that, micro-funds can only be redeemed with partnering restaurants further increasing cash flow.

Technology Integration

We chose to use NCR existing platforms to collect payment information and capture transactions made my customers. NCR Silver platform give us a great starting point from where we can modify the receipt to generate a custom QR code for the user to collect the donation made by the business. Since we did not have access to Silver's source code, we had to emulate this feature for this hackathon, but NCR could very reasonably add this feature to accommodate this requirement.

We also used NCR's Technology Document Management API to check if a transaction is valid as well as calculate the amount the business pledges to donate. Our back end makes sure that no double spend attack can be performed with any transaction, as well as track funds between businesses, users and micro-funds. Tech Stack

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