while doing bughunting the major headache was to enumerate through every target by sitting in front of laptop all the time . this creates the dependency of the use also takes so much time. A solution was needed for this countinous straining problem.this was the main motivation for getting into the developement of ScanEL.

What it does

ScanEL provides scanning for the bugs vulnerabilities of the webapps. The process is simple. First, you log into the web portal and input the target URL that you want to scan. Our system then runs a thorough scan, checking for any potential security flaws or vulnerabilities. Once the scan is complete, you will receive a notification detailing all the vulnerabilities that were found. This enables the users to analyze there and secure there web applications.

How we built it

We maked use of many different tech Stacks for making this tool live. Our solution integrates ReactJS for the front-end, Python for the back-end, Azure cloud for hosting, and FastAPI for the API layer, all of which come together to deliver a seamless user experience.

Challenges we ran into

The main and the biggest issue was to parse the domain of the website to the backend as we needed that domain name for our scanning and the scan was to be done in Kali linuxOs which works in bash.We makes use of python's libraries after much more enumeration through the internet. At every point integrating something with the frontend also made us break many times but we fought back and gave our best.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

After struggling through this much And at the last we achieved our goal. Successfully parsed the domain to the azure instance kaliOs.We were also able to integrate twillo message services.

What we learned

There will be so many times in life which will make u fall but u must never gave up and stand up with full power. we followed this strategy and really learned many new teachnologies with this. Azure ,Twillo were the things which we learned to work with.

What's next for ScanEL

For future we are planning to integrate a real time visuallizer of the report generated throgh the scan so that user will be able to see the final reoprt.

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