How many times have you wondered in your workspace, "Why is so cold in here?" or "It's so late in the night. Why are the lights still on?" or "I wish the washroom trash was not overflowing"

At all these instances, you would have wanted to tell someone the issue you face. We know we have.

So we built an app to do exactly that.

What it does

This App is called ScanAway.

The Icon of the App is the QR code for GO-BEARCATS #Interesting Fact

Based on a location and type of place, a QR Code is generated for a given location. The app scans the QR Code and allows you to inform the administrators about common energy issues you face.

We have extended this app to include reporting issued faced in a restroom as well.

How We built it

It is an Android Application with a Flask server deployed on GCP's App Engine and GCP's SQL datastore.

Challenges we ran into

A significant time was spent bouncing between ideas and brainstorming before we settled on this one. Debugging Database connection errors and configurations, especially while running the server on localhost.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to build and deploy an application in a short amount of time available.

What we learned

Learned to make an Android App. Building a Flask app and deploying it on App Engine.

What's next for ScanAway

Data Visualization from collected data to make it easy for reducing the complaints and to spot patterns Badges of recognition for students who are responsible enough to report the issues on a regular basis.

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