Looking for a real estate property is always a challenge. There wasn't a good tool to present a real estate, companies still use powerpoints, pdfs and floor plans. We wanted to combine AR & VR technologies to create such tool that can benefit both the seller and the buyer.


PRESENT your real estate project with AR and provide your clients with realistic understanding of the exterior. The clients will be able to access the building plans, choose different furnishing for their future apartments or offices.

IMMERSE your clients in the interior of your future property with VR simulations, allowing them to experience a feeling of presence.

OPTIMIZE your construction workflow with new generation visualization tools by expediting your construction period and reducing costs and errors.

TECHNOLOGY We use advanced image recognition technology, combined with a sophisticated breakthrough in real-time, 3D motion-tracking overlay video playback and 3D rendering. Markers – every type of traditional print media could be used as an AR marker. 3D Models – we optimize and implement standard 3d file formats such as .3ds, .fbx and .obj. Platforms- our solutions support both iOS and Android.


Out technology provides several solutions for real estate visualizations:

AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) Overlaying 3D architectural and other construction models on top of physical objects such as architectural plans, marketing brochures, flyers and other forms of print media.

SLICING The client can choose various configurations for interaction with the model for best viewing experience.

360° TOURS 360° panoramas and 3D models of interiors can be imported.

VIRTUAL REALITY (VR) Full virtual reality simulations can be experienced for VR headsets like Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard.


We've combined both AR and VR technologies and created a great tool to present real estate.


Turn it into a platform for architectural studios and real estate companies, and enable them to upload, manage and present their projects.

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