Shopping is a necessity that everyone undergoes. Whether it be groceries or clothes, shopping lines and delays make for a miserable shopping experience filled with delays and waits due to inefficient, human labor. This inspired our team to brainstorm ideas about how to fundamentally alter the structure of shopping to resolve this problem, and come up with a solution that involved technology and automation.

What it does

Our app is able to scan a barcode from a product, utilize retail (specifically, Walmart) APIs to check its price and payment APIs (specifically, Paypal with be able to scan/read a credit card to manage the purchase of such a good. It stores items ready to buy in a cart, ready to buy whenever the consumer is ready.

How we built it

We built this application through primarily Android Studio and Java, along with help from multiple APIs such as the Walmart Open API and the PayPal API to assist the function of the app.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenges of this project were choosing the initial idea, integrating each specific subsection of the application, using web APIs in Android Studio and developing the payment method. Originally, our team was stuck on 2 different ideas and we were unable to break the deadlock. Finally, after much discussion on the pros and cons of both ideas, we were able to conclude on a decision. Next, passing data between multiple services proved harder than on paper so it took us some work to integrate such functionalities. We then ran into the problem of using a web service in an Android app. This required us to learn about the AsyncTask Class in order to implement this service, a endeavor that took us a substantial amount of time. Finally, the payment method took a lot of work because using the built-in method of Android Pay proved too complicated for our application. We had to do some research on other possible APIs to use.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our major accomplishment is creating a functionally stable, working model. We were able to finish all of our tasks on time and centralize all the different subprojects we were working on. This way, we were able to create a working product that delivers on the goals we set earlier.

What we learned

We learned about the various payment methods and APIs online that exist to create a purchase and add it to a credit card. We also learned about Android programming, mainly Android Studio and the Java language used to create the app we have created today. We also learned how to work together and plan out a fully fleshed-out wireframe of an app before starting, which helped our productivity.

What's next for ScanAndShop

In the next version of ScanAndShop, we are planning on adding the functionality to add multiple items of the same type to the cart, as well as UI improvements to make the overall app look nicer.

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