We wanted to inspire people to travel to new places that their friends have been to . We also wanted the ability for events to give out a specific postcard which would display an itinerary which could be booked using Skyscanner.

What it does

It allows the user to scan a postcard and then the app renders a virtual departure board using AR to show different flights, prices and dates using the Skyscanner api.

How we built it

We used android studio to create our app and we used the Vuforia SDK to help us implement augmented reality into our project.

Challenges we ran into

Having never used android or AR before it was challenging to develop the app as there were many quirks and errors that popped up that were quite persistent.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually getting the app to a point where we can demo it was a great milestone. Sucessfully working as a team and creating something we are proud of with little hackathon experience.

What we learned

We learnt how to develop apps for android using android studio and also That you shouldn't code when you're tired.

What's next for ScanAir

We want to extend the existing app by adding more customisability and adding extra features such as a wider variety of locations and being able to buy a flight through the app and to also implement additional functionality such as car hire and hotel hire.

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