FOCUS AREA: Mistakes can happen in any field except the medical field because it can be a huge loss and making one's family in a very inconvenient state. Today India is moving a step towards the digitalized country but it needs a huge changeover in the medical field our idea solves more than 90% of medical issues which we are facing in today's world.


Today medical field became a big business mark for some doctors and they are making money in the wrong way and they are misusing it.

NOTE: Let us assume the same situation to explain the drawbacks in the medical fields

TYPE 1 (Forex:) If a patient is suffering from high fever and he visited a nearby hospital 1 and doctor suggested him to take injections and tablets which are more than necessary so the patient doesn't know what to do at that time so he purchased all the medicines which are suggested by the doctor. In this case, doctors targets on the patient economic situation and then decide to give medicines to them

TYPE 2 (Forex:) If a patient is suffering from high fever and he visited nearby hospital 1 and doctor 1 suggested him to take some kind of injections for 3 days and patiently takes medicines according to the doctors instructions and the patient is not satisfied with the doctor treatment and he moves to hospital 2 and doctor 2 doesn't know about previous medical records and he also gives the same medicines where he used to take the medicines used by doctor 1 there are many ways to cure the disease but unfortunately the two doctors have given the same treatment which is not at all deals with the patient problems, In this case, it may lead to patient death.

TYPE 3(Forex) In this case, the doctor doesn't have any idea about the patient medical issue and he doesn't know what to do and what not to do although the doctors suggest medicines irrelated to their disease.

Not only these three cases there are many criminal activities done by some of the doctors who are not known by the staff and patients too.

The main reason behind all these criminal activities that we can't retrieve the medical records of a person,

So for all these following issues, there is only one way we should digitalize medical field too much that there will no criminal activities takes place. There are so many difficulties facing by the patient in almost all hospital because of- 1.paper based record 3.attendant 4.electronic medical record 5.patients


So we purpose our idea “SCAN-X” in two ways

1)SCAN-X mobile app

2)SCAN-X barcode scanner

We provide unique barcodes for every patient and we will verify and fetch the details according to their Aadhar identification we will update basic medical info about a patient. ex: blood group and present medical position.

When a person goes to a specific hospital the hospital management has barcode scanner and scans the patient unique barcode and they come to know about the medical position and it is responsible is taken by the hospital management to fill the details and prescription given by the doctors and we are having a team of experienced doctors and they will verify the prescription given by that specific doctor and we will verify it .

After the treatment, the hospital management must update the present medical status of a patient.

So whenever he moves to another hospital the management can fetch the details of patient ex: what are the medicines he used before and the present medical status etc.

WAYS TO USE THE APP: one who has good practice in mobile they can register themselves in the app by Aadhar OTP verification process and can check their present medical status. (This app contain a barcode, basic info of patient, etc.)

One who doesn't have a good practice in-app usage we provide barcode and they retrieve their data nearby SCAN-X help centers for free of cost

By this process, we centralize all the hospitals in one platform and we stop all false treatment and can save the patients from the fraud doctors.

USES: Implementing SCAN-X can reduce crimes happening in the medical field. Centralized system Retrieving data of patients of previous medical records. Doctors Advice for further treatment. Employment opportunities.


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