Carrying many notes from class to class is a tedious task. It is much more convenient to have all notes in a single place - a USB flash drive.

What it does

The NXscanT will scan pages from a book or notes and will convert them into a PDF for ease of use.

How I built it

With the power of Lego, the NXscanT can be built by anyone who is keen on working with their hands. The two main components of the NXscanT are an android phone and the Lego NXT kit. The phone takes the picture of the pages and does the processing required to turn it into a PDF. The Lego NXT kit is used to tilt the phone and flip the pages.

Challenges I ran into

The page flipping mechanism is not perfect.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first project at a hackathon, so that is something I can look back onto!

What I learned

Teamwork and communication is essential for success. Had my group and I not communicated, we wouldn't have been able to build the NXscanT

What's next for NXscanT

Remake the product from metal and other better materials instead of using Lego!

Built With

  • lego-nxt
  • mindstorm
  • robotc
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