Ever had to deal with a slow cashier at the Mall or Supermaket. Ever shopped while being on a rush. We created send and go to hopefully solve this problem. 

What it does

With send and go you can go into a store and scan whatever you need to buy. Once your done scanning everything you need , the paypal api takes care of everything you need and allows you to be done with the payment process. Basically our hack will hopefully allow people to go to a store grab what they need and leave.

How I built it

We built the project using several sponsor api. The Bloomberg and indico api was used to understand what the consumer wants and suggest accrodingly. Google Cloud architecture takes care of all the backend stuff and paypal takes care of payment

Challenges I ran into

Google cloud messaging was bit more complicated then expected and my teammates laptop brokedown in day 1.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having something tangible to show even with the myriad of problems we ran into

What I learned

How to use Asynch task Android !! And Java and Android are not 100% same haha !!

What's next for Scan&Go

hopefully a more work on backend for better suggestion. Cleaner UI

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