One of the main environmental problems is recycling. So many resources are being depleted of because they are not being recycled. We have developed a solution to this problem. Sometimes, people are unsure about if an item is recyclable or not. This is where Scan Cycle comes to play.

What it does

It would allow a user to search for an item and/or scan a QR code, and then our app will give the user the information about if the existing item can be recycled or not. Then, once this information is gotten, the user will be given the opportunity to find the nearest recycling bin to go to.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into include finding an API to work with, to implement our barcode scanner with. Other issues we ran into include implementing our SQL database.

What's next for Scan Cycle

Our future plans is to make it work with all types of trash/material, and being able to scan an item without a barcode, and developing into an iOS/Android app for convenience.

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