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We have all received spam. It is annoying and a waste of time. What if we can screen our messages beforehand, and make it so that we don't have to deal with the extra weight on our attention.

What it does

Scamless is created to detect whether a message is spam or not. It uses Artificial Intelligence to classify each message as spam or not-spam, and from there a system can be put in place to deal with the spam before the notification hits the users phone.

How we built it

We used anvil to make our app UI, the app uses Python and links to a server running python with the OpenAI package

Challenges we ran into

Adding open.api package to Anvil web app builder. This complicated everything because we had to use a link OpenAI to Anvil through a server. Anvil then being super inconsistent, displaying a never ending loading screen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a working app and finished product, implementing OpenAI API into Python, creating a working system between the app and the Python server

What we learned

We learned what a Hackathon is like, what OpenAI is, how to use an API package, and how to run a server from a desktop and connect it to Anvil.

What's next for Scamless

Automating the process is the next step up. Scamless would need to screen messages automatically by working with your phone's message system and marking likely scams as read. We would also put in a feature within the app that allows the user to manually mark messages as spam and if necessary, the opposite --mark messages classified as spam as normal.

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