I find it disgusting that people scam others - especially worse when they are elderly people who cannot speak English as this hits close to home. Having my eyes on the iBoost challenge to make the world a better place, I created a website that aims to protect the vulnerable from malicious hackers. Something like elderly and children being tricked and blackmailed for money is too disturbing to just watch and do nothing. With Scam Guardian, I hope to educate everyone on phishing emails so they become knowledgable, safe, and NOT victims!

What it does

As said before, it teaches people how not to get scammed. However, it is the technique that makes Scam Guardian special. Rather than teaching it with words, a more impactful and effective method to learn to spot phishing emails is through experience. Scam Guardian sends you or others regular fake phishing emails. If you click the link embedded in it, you will be sent to a page stating "This was a Scam Guardian test, you weren't supposed to open the link, here's what you need to do next to stay safe". This method is universal and uses the "shock factor" of getting caught to drive the lesson home.

How we built it

I built it using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, Twilio, and ElasticEmail. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and NodeJS were technologies used strictly for website functionality. Twilio and ElasticEmail were used for sending fake emails and texts.

Challenges we ran into

Having exams finish at 8PM on May 1st, I really had less than 24 hours to complete this. The time crunch plus the new things I had to learn (I have 0 to no experience in web development) plus working alone to make Scam Guardian come to life was the biggest challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having something to hand in. In all honesty, I had many moments of doubt while coding that I'm just glad I can hand in something.

What we learned

Maybe it isn't a good idea to learn web dev in less than 24 hours... But in all honesty, I learned a good amount of basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and NodeJS functionality.

What's next for Scam Guardian

The original plan was for email, text, and phone to work. Email and text work, so next for Scam Guardian would definitely be getting the phone to work. Something like "Please enter your social security number" and once the user types in even a single digit, Scam Guardian will stop them.

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