The Business case of watching a friend purchase a scalped ticket only to immediately go to the venue door and be told the ticket is not valid, putting this person out for $400

What it does

Scans ticket barcodes to prove a ticket is real and has not entered the venue yet.

How I built it

With a team of IOS Dev, Backend Java Support, Solutions Architect and Blockchain Dev

Challenges I ran into

Realizing that the original simplicity of the app did not stop a ticket from being duplicated, we feel that we have solved this with Blockchain Smart Contracts

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

getting a team in S. Africa, San Diego, Portugal and Atlanta to all collaborate and help build this together

What I learned

What's next for ScalpV

Do a full build out of the SCalpV API which includes ticket validation, server-less architecture for infinite scalability and a private blockchain to stop the duplication of ticket. Then to create an MVP to present to ticket vendors of our API that can easily plug into their architecture and provide these 3 services.

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