Smart Contract and DeFi have been growing really fast since 2014 when Ethereum was born. In 2020, many DeFi projects were announced and it affected the financial concept of all humans.

Meanwhile, on-chain collectibles and NFTs walk into people's lives too, they can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files. There are huge potentials in the usages of on-chain collectibles in many aspects.

We think we can build a no-loss lottery plus on-chain collectables gaming project because there are only a few no-loss lottery projects on the blockchain.

We are going to create tokens and NFTs to be unique collectibles called Scallop Decorations, make them like Pokémon Cards, it can also increase application stickiness just like people will usually check their collection cabinet, and sometimes our collectibles will also interact with our application.

The fading reason for no-loss lottery projects is that users always win nothing before they win something, and it still costs gas fee. So we chose Solana because it cost almost 0 gas fee which is a perfect match with no-loss lottery projects. Beside, Solana also has an extremely high speed and height composability, and there's almost no no-loss lottery project we can use right now.

We also designed some tasks for users, to make them have some extra chance to win something while they are having bad luck.

What is Scallop?

Scallop is a no loss lottery on Solana, users can stake their tokens in Scallop Pools to grow scallops in Scallop Tank, while they stake tokens, they can get the same worth of Scallop Token (SCA).

At the end of each week, one or a few winners are chosen by the program randomly will share out some SCA as the staking reward. During the game, users can win tokens and Scallop Decorations by carrying out some tasks✨!

How we built it?

We will deploy some Rust on-chain programs which invoked Solana clock and Switchboard Data Feed (Price & VRF) and the program from other projects which we want to earn yield from, to be our main on-chain program. Front-end will be built with React and Solana web3 SDK to send the transaction package to the RPC node to connect to Solana.

Challenges we ran into :

Scallop has members around the world, we need to overcome obstacles caused by language and time zone together.

Rust is tough to read, we can't just start to build something with Rust without systematic learning, and to build a Solana on-chain program with Rust is a challenge too.

Understanding the logic of Solana takes time, but the cool thing is as we read it deeper, we also found more reasons about why this blockchain is so powerful.

There was no VRF we could invoke on Solana, we thought we had to build one by ourselves, but in July Switchboard stood out and said they're going build one and open for every project, shout out to Switchboard!

Achievements we are proud of :

We feel that since the birth of this project, we are proud of every step we have taken, such as deciding to create a DApp project, choosing to use Rust to build a project on Solana, trying to communicate with people from all over the world to work together to participate in Solana Season Hackathon and Ignition Hackathon, etc., each of our steps may be just small news in the ecosystem, but it is a career breakthrough for every member of the Scallop team.

About the project content part, we built a decentralized no-loss lottery system on Solana, a token model, financial management, and overcoming the challenges of learning new technologies, such as learning Rust and building with it, understanding the logic and calling the VRF on the blockchain, these are somethings we are proud of.

About running our community, we got 4000+ members in our Discord server, 3000+ followers on Twitter, and at 2021/10/15 we temporally are No.2 community contribution project at Solana Ignition Hackathon East Asia.

What we learned?

How to collaborate and communicate with an international team.
The basic logic of Solana.
Coding with JavaScript, Rust, Python.
How to create tokens and design token models.
Basic rules of decentralized finance and token model.
How to market a DApp project in the international market.
How to run communities.

What's next for Scallop?

We will implement the plan in accordance with our Road Map step by step. The details may be changed due to new technologies or difficulties encountered, such as releasing some new functions which are not in plan or obstacles encountered in the development of the target function, but the general direction is fixed.

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