I (Ethan Keiser) have a large following on Tiktok and I am constantly bombarded with the same questions by my followers whenever I go live. Brands constantly want me to review their products and refer my audience to them. What if we could scale personal engagement between a content creator and their following? Atlas ScaleMe was created.

What it does

Allows creators to easily create a deepfake of themselves using their existing content on social media. They can train the deepfake on how to respond to common questions. This provides scale to personal engagement, giving followers access and engagement to their favorite creator.

How we built it

Computer vision reads the comments, those comments are passed to a language model that creates a response. That response is then sent to the deepfake to speak.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We pulled it off, it worked really well.

What's next for ScaleMe

Will use partner APIs of tiktok, twitch, instagram to access live comments from audience. Allow brands to run campaigns through deep fakes. We have a meeting with head of Product at Titkok on August 25.

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