ChainLink Keepers opens up an insane amount of possibilities for automatic execution. I wanted to explore one of these.

What it does

ChainLink Keepers routinely call ChainLink VRF and maintain a master random seed. Individual dApps can commit to using the next master random seed and just have to wait until the next Keepers upkeep (~30 seconds in my App).

This allows dApps to use a good source of randomness without having to hold LINK or use ChainLink VRF.

How we built it

I coded the smart contract using Truffle, and Moralis made the frontend a breeze. The deployment on Polygon was very easy.

Challenges we ran into

Debugging a smart contract that uses ChainLink Keepers or VRF is very difficult in a local environment (for example on Remix), and creating mocks is time-consuming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I created a smart contract that leverages ChainLink technology but allows other dApps access to random seeds without the need for them to be exposed to ChainLink.

What we learned

As always, I need to plan to spend more time on debugging my dApp.

What's next for Scalable RNG

Create an actual game demo that leverages the smart contract I created.

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