Scalable Brand

Scalable Brand connects t-shirt designers with large brands. In order to successfully sell t-shirts, a designer needs two things:

  1. A scalable t-shirt printing solution
  2. A way to increase distribution channels

Scalable Brand makes this possible, combining the power of the Scalable Press API with a two-sided marketplace that connects t-shirt designers with brands.

T-Shirt Designers

Using the Scalable Press API, t-shirt designers can easily upload and sell t-shirt designs on our marketplace. In order to increase profit margins and revenue potential, they can offer real estate on their shirt designs to brands.

Large Brands Large brands know how powerful a branded t-shirt is. Scalable Brand gives them the ability to bid on a t-shirt's real estate, allowing them an organic way to support to t-shirt designers and increase their brand awareness. Scalable Brand uses three data points to make recommendations to brands: total t-shirts sold, "on-the-rise" which indicates a shirt with increasing popularity, and "fit" as determined by how well a design aligns with a brand.

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