Humans are social beings, hence socializing and meeting new people is an impulsive part of our nature, but due to this recent pandemic which has kept us stuck in our houses for more than a year now, we are impotent to carry out this natural habit of ours. Now, As humans we tend to feel abandoned quite easily, it's like a trait of us like while going out for a walk, touring a new city, or even going to the gym, we seek for the company to keep our boredom away, but we can’t always be surrounded by people who are ready to accompany us wherever we wanna go, hence we propose the concept of an application called Scaape which help us to find a company who appreciate the same interests as we do. So, Let’s escape with Scaape.

What it does

With Scaape we intend to help you meet new people around your place, with the same interest and hobbies as you, who may accompany you in your daily walks, gym, or tour to a new city or landmark. With Scaape you can create an event or as we like to call it ‘Scaape’ and people around your place can join the event to give you company. You can create a Scaape for whatever you like from going out to try out a new hangout location to just wanting to have a walk with some people, no matter how silly it is, if it’s something related to meeting people, we got you covered.

  • Users can sign in with their Google id after which they will be asked with some details
  • Another unique feature that Scaape provides is a ‘vaccination badge’, if the user is twice vaccinated (they’ll need to provide his/her vaccination certificate), Scaape shows a verified badge after the name and hence users can ensure their health securities as well.
  • Users can create a scaape once logged in, a Scaape is basically like an event. You can provide a name, description, location, activity type, date and time for the Scaape and it will be published for the people near your Scaape location with interest in the same activity to join
  • When a scaape is confirmed a group chat is created where all the people participating in a particular scaape can chat with each other for better conversation and planning
  • If you want to join a scape you can go to the home screen where you will be provided with a live feed of scaapes according to the activities you like and your location
  • Using the profile page, users can keep track of their personal information and their previous scaapes

What Scaape solves

  • Most of the hangout apps are based on Dating Concept. Scaape makes group hangout magically easy.
  • Scaape can help people to look for other people interested in the same activity.
  • The unique vaccinated badge makes people safe in health aspects as well.
  • With modern tools and framework Scaape provides an easy and smooth user experience

How we built it

  • UI

  • Keeping everything in mind, we began with our User Interface, as this is one of the most important aspects of an app. It's the APP's front face. We started with Adobe XD, and after some brainstorming and research, we decided to keep our Scaape design in dark mode because it's more popular and more pleasant to the user's eye. Scaape’s design is intended to make users want to use it, which is why we used 4 Color in our app to keep it consistent across all screens.
    • Scaape's homepage was created in such a way that users should be able to sort based on their preferences
    • The Scaape cards are designed in such a way that they give the user an idea of the location as well as a description of that Scaape, and if the user wants more information on that specific scaape, they can simply click on it and be navigated to a new screen where they can see all of the information about it
    • The user's profile page is designed in such a way that it represents him or her. Similarly, the notification screen is concerned with showing users their most recent Scaapes as well as requests for the same.
  • Frontend

  • We had used an object-oriented programming approach for our Android application which is based on the Flutter SDK version 2.5.0 and use Dart version 2.12.2 for programming. It is used to structure the program into simple, reusable pieces of code blueprints (usually called classes), which are used to create individual instances of objects. Flutter SDK is Google's UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.
    To evaluate the frontend functionality and backend capacity, we will generate virtual users and hangouts, upload them into our database, and test our app using these simulated data

  • Backend

  • For the backend, we deep dived in SQL algorithms and node.js servers, we have used Node.js as the primary server which is hosted on EC2 Instances Powered by AWS Graviton2. For the Database, we have used a MySQL based relational database from AWS. For the authentication, we have integrated Google signup. For the chat module, we used NoSQL based Firestore database from Firebase.

  • Algorithm

    • Scaape Ranking algorithm: The scaape Ranking algorithm helps users get the right scaape for themselves, it uses a ranking point sorting in which points are allocated to a scaape for users joining or viewing a scaape
    • Scaape matching algorithm: when a user creates a scaape, we store their activity and scaapes related to the activities are allocated high points by the scaape ranking algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

  • Socialisation at this time will be quite challenging, especially with fierce competition from other social platforms that provide their best services to socialise with people.
  • Brainstorming and the idea to make this socialization therapy to humankind more effective was a very big challenge
  • Delivering an app to compete with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitters which will be totally different from the normal lifestyle and something that can help people interact with each other in a more friendly, safe and user derived experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We Successfully developed an end to end working MVP of the project and deployed the application on EC2 Instances Powered by AWS Graviton2.
We were able to develop algorithms for the application backend using Node.js and SQL which are a crucial part of the application.
Finally, we deployed our android application on the play store.

What we learned

The knowledge and experience we gained are highly valuable to the successful completion of this project and all other future projects. The skills we gained were not only from the technical side but also from team management and collaboration. We learned in-depth about the working of EC2 instances and Graviton2 processors. From the backend side

What's next for Scaape

  • We can integrate payment options for clubs or event organizers who can create their scaape and people can join them.
  • We can integrate the Instagram profile with the scaape profile so that it helps users to choose their hangout partner more easily.

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