We have many small parking lots around the campus. Some of them have only 20 slots and are full all the time. But they are closer to the main campus than the south parking lots. Many students suffered from parking difficulty and kept getting late for classes when they couldn't find a space in the parking lot.

What it does

Our goal is to detect the number of remaining parking slots in a parking lot. The program will detect the number of cars in a parking lot picture and compare it with the total parking slots. Show the number on the website.

How I built it

Use cvlib, a free Computer Vision library to detect the shape of cars in the parking lot. And flask and Axios to connect the python server and front-end.

What's next for SBUParking

Add cameras that cover the whole parking lot, and update the remaining empty slots each certain period of time, so that users can check if there is any space available in this parking lot.

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