The Problem

It took a while to figure out what we really wanted to solve. We looked around for problems that we were facing in our lives and after some thinking we decided to focus on a health issue. One of us had recently had a check-up appointment at the doctor's office and remembered how cumbersome the entire process of storing patient information was. And that's how we came up with DocInsight.

What is DocInsight?

Using blockchain technology, DocInsight creates a secure network for doctors to study and look at other patient's information safely. Conventional older systems have one point of failure: wherever that data is stored. Using the blockchain, specifically on the Ethereum network, we can almost guarantee that this information is not breachable because there is no central point of failure as the entire system is decentralized.

How we built DocInsight

We used the Solidity programming language with smart contracts (just some code that runs on the network) on Ethereum to create a network of patients and doctors that approve each other and allows doctors to facilitate the spread of patient information between other users in the network. Using HTML, CSS, and JS, alongside the Web3 framework, doctors can login to our web app through an extension called MetaMask to review and handle their patient's information.

What we learned

We improved our knowledge on blockchain ecosystems and various coding languages. We split up the web app in to two sections: the website and the Solidity smart contracts. Some of us were less experienced in web development than others so it was a learning experience all around. None of us were highly proficient in these technologies so this project kept us on our feet the entire time. We encountered numerous obstacles with how Solidity is structured and others with how we should design our site. All in all, it took us the whole event to complete this project, and even then there is still more work to do. In the end, we came out learning a whole lot more than what we initially came in with.

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