We were inspired by the idea of being poor college students and how we have been trying to get cheap furniture for our empty apartment. We have been usually getting it from the streets on garbage nights for free tables and a couch. We built the website using a database from MongoDB. Our biggest challenge was actually learning out to connect and retrieve data from a server.

All login and account information is on the cloud as well as every simulated piece of furniture is on the server database.

These are our instructions and how to install and use our hack! :D


Pearl is a Student made a web application that allows users to buy and sell products with people around them. Utilizing MongoDB, express, and socket.io this application allows users in real-time to buy and sell products!


Navigate to the website NodeJS to install NodeJS for your dedicated hardware.


Run the cmd.bat file and wait for the message on the terminal to print out

listening on *:3000

(If you are experiencing errors make sure you're cd is in the correct file path!!!) Once this message is printed out, go to http://localhost:3000 to enter the main Login Screen.

Creating an Account

Once you create an account the details go up to the cloud(MongoDB) and are stored there even after the page is closed/refreshed. The system throws errors at you if you decide to log-in without entering a correct email/password so make sure you type carefully!

Tutorial/Main Page

The tutorial page goes over briefly on how to access and use the Pearl Service, which should hopefully provide you with a good understanding on how to utilize the Pearl Service!

SBU Hacks 2019

Thanks so much for this awesome experience! Please let us know what you guys think about this project!

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