Simple But Useful Certificate Authority

When developing, it's always a pain to generate certificate for SSL/TLS usage. sbuca is the simple CA that helps you to generate what you just need in a painless way.

Target Users

Developer - release their pain for generation certificate for testing

Admin - provide them a better way to manage internal usage certificate

Key features

  1. 100% written in GOLANG
  2. tools for generate rsa key & certificate request
  3. restful api for signing certificate request
  4. restful api for getting certificate
  5. restful api for getting ca's certificate


go get

Quick Start

Let's tried the hosted sbuca server

Generate a Rsa Key

sbuca genkey > test.key

Generate a Certificate Request

sbuca gencsr --key test.key > test.csr

Submit the Certificate Request to the hosted server and get the Certificate

sbuca submitcsr --host test.csr > test.crt

In case you want to get the Certificate in another computer, you can add --format id, then the output will become the id (serial number) of the Certificate

sbuca submitcsr --host --format id test.csr 

Then you can get the certificate in another computer (I use ID=2 as example here)

sbuca getcrt --host 2 > test.crt

To get CA's certificate

sbuca getcacrt --host > ca.crt

For more information, please check

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