The application shows first version of our SBU AR Navigation. The basic concept of the app is to help students or visitors identify a certain building or location in Stony Brook University. When the user opens the app, there is a “get started” button. Hit that button then our mascot Wolfie will come to your phone screen. The user can view him from any angle, interact with him by touching. Tell him where you want to go or what do you want to do. He is going to guide you to the right building or location. Further we will add the function when the user points their camera at a building or location, a 3D object like signboard representing name and explanation of building, is augmented onto their camera view.


Basically we used Google ARCore but not only integrated it into our app, but also we changed most of the settings to optimize our "Wolfie AR Navi" application. We also used Google map api to get our current location and calculated vector3 value to get the distance and angle of the destination. We also used Google app engine to gps positioning.

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