Eco-friendly Coffee Convenience

Using RFID to get a refund easily. Throw your cup away – like its one-way.

How it works

  1. Every reusable cup contains a unique ID, machine-readable via RFID/NFC
  2. Cup and customer are paired
    1. through customer card at PoS
    2. manually via end-user app (screenshot above)
  3. Enjoy coffee
  4. Throw the cup into any of the coffee cup bins along the train platform (it is scanned afterwards)

What it does

  1. Saves lots of valuable material
  2. Keeps train stations clean
  3. Provides customer payback programs
  4. Generates unique insights for SBB and coffee vendors


  1. Fastlane for reusable cups
  2. Social Media Reach: Share photo to get points
  3. Unclaimed cups for charity
  4. Many, many more


  • RFID-augmented Cups
  • Hybrid App (Apache Cordova)
  • React Dashboard
  • Python Backend
  • Google Firebase and Push Messaging
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