So this is a story all about how our lives got turned upside down.

In west russia (serbia) born and raised a true slav to the bone coming to switzerland being amazed calling it our new home.

Comin to hackathons far and close winning in style, in pantyhose.

What it does

It chats with you. Gives you information about sbb: Helps you better utilize your time at sbb stations.

How we built it

Well, python i guess

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

So we also did the zuehlke challenge and made that robot walk and collect things. - Patrick & Team That we recieve some pictures from the google - Slava We did some things that we never did before - Dorde (like sleep at a hackathon) I failed miserably - also Dorde Rufus is proud of developing a cool chat bot. Something that kinda actually speaks to us. Really cool. The best.

What we learned

Lego Mindstorm is NOT a exact or professional or in any way recommendable system/platform. - Patrick How to create a bot for telegram. - Slava & Rufus How to create a bot for skype and messenger (which didnt work, he couldn't even) - Dorde Pijamas are waaaaaaaaay more comfy to code in than regular clothes. - Everyone

What's next for sbbbot

Bot is rather limited in it's actions. For example we could add delay warnings.

Built With

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