We wanted to facilitate the research and booking of train tickets in Switzerland!

What it does

The BOT we made, permits to see all the solutions to reach any destination using SBB along with many details. But it will look like chatting with a friend thanks to the artificial intelligent and the language recognition,

How we built it

We coded a telegram bot, using the Microsoft Bot Framework and a node.js Application

Challenges we ran into

Many! SBB APIs got many tough problems. As well Microsoft Azure is not optimized for Node.js. We had also to train a lot our artificial Intelligence

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our artificial intelligence recognizes lot of our useful phrases, it gets into your mind!

What we learned

We learned that creating a bot it's not that easy, especially when you have to put together many different technologies

What's next for SBB_TelegramBot

We want to add a trip planner functionality, we are almost there!

Last commit

commit 275164b358eb30ec93bd9dcc055f6b9156cfdfce

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