When was the last time you felt real Vorfreude (German for anticipation, Freude = Joy) for a daytrip? Remember how you felt as a child?

What it does

Surprise yourself with a trip to an unknown destination. More and more hints will be revealed until you discover your destination shortly before your departure. SBB Surprise takes advantage of SBB SuperSaver Tickets to get you discounts up to 70% and presents suitable acitivities to accompany the whole daytrip.

How we built it

We built a beautiful clickable prototype with Sketch and Flinto. The technical proof of concept for the core user journey pulls real data from the SBB API with a flask backend, joins it with activities of SBB RailAway and presents it in a vue frontend.

Challenges we ran into

Limits of the SBB API that slow down the experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An amazing emotional journey for the user.

What we learned

Spending enough time thinking about the user's journey and how to emotionally connect with him payed off and resulted in an idea we all loved.

What's next for SBB Surprise

SBB picks up the concept and rolls it out to all SBB clients in Switzerland.

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