Wellbeing at the workplace: Decrease the number of fatigue/stress-related accidents in the workplace (SBB workers)

What it does

Monitor physiological signals from the smartwatch to asses well-being continuously (stress and sleep levels). Sends notification to the subject and the SBB company.

How I built it

Stress and Sleep input from the smartwatch: -Using PPG signal/accelerometer/gyroscope and sleep monitoring from the smartwatch (Samsung GA2, Tyzen 4.0).

(demo using accelerometer and gyrometer sensor)

User interface: Standalone application that monitors stress/sleep levels. Activated when sudden changes are detected by two feedback loops:

  • notification to the subject wearing the device ( sleep and stress-related notifications)
  • online notification to the company reporting anormal activity from the subject.

Challenges I ran into

Tizen operating system of the watch. Making the new application for Tisen. Finding good stress/sleep measures. Hard to quantify the biological measures (subject dependent).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

High number of stress-fatigue related accidents during workhours. Stress and sleep levels can be accurately detected from the PPG (Photoplethysmogram) variability. This PPG variability is related to acute stress-related events that can be monitored. -> Notify the subject when abnormal activity is detected and send warnings to the company.

What's next for SBB stop sandwiching

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