We strive to eliminate the giant pile of waste created by disposable coffee cups.

What it does

Our product provides a full digital infrastructure solution for reusing beverage cups. Handles issuing and returning of cups.

  • Anytime, anywhere - no internet connection needed!
  • Instant returns!
  • Corporate Brandings, colors, shape of the cups... everything can stay as is it!

How we built it

Leveraged the principles of public key infrastructure to provide a secure backend. We built a smartphone app for great user experience.

Challenges we ran into

  • AWS Beanstalk deployment issues - switched to Lambda/Container
  • Container Deployments on AWS in general - switched to GCP

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fully working proof of concept.

What's next for SBB CupKey

  • Fleet test with customers and shop owners.
  • Detailed cup status tracking


Built With

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