Say What You Think

A project to automatically document your source code based on what you say. So while typing out your code, all you need to do is have our application running in the background. Hit a combination of keys to start documenting for any programming language supported by our application and speak the comment out loud. A small mike appears on the screen to to indicate that the app is listening and will type out your comment into the IDE or whatever editor you have in the foreground.

The below combinations can be used for :

  • Ctrl + Alt + P : Python style comments
  • Ctrl + Alt + C : C, C++, Java, C# comments
  • Ctrl + Alt + L : Racket style comments
  • Ctrl + Alt + N : Type plain text
  • Ctrl + Alt + X : To toggle hot key suspension.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Z : To terminate application at any point in time.

API usage

  • Bing Speech Recognition API
  • AutoHotkey


Windows only for now, maybe we can make it cross-platform later if we can find a good cross-platform alternative to AutoHotkey.

Programming Language Support

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • C#
  • Racket

Team Members

  • Michael Bowe
    • Original !dea, and Speech Recognition API wrapper
  • Purva Kamat
    • C#er
  • Tirthraj Parmar
    • AutoHotKey guru and Doc libs
  • Joyal Shah
    • Yet another C#er

How to use?

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