Globally, stories of abuse and rape are popping up more and more within our own communities, starting which could be a truly horrific trend. 43 of 60 victims believe that some form of intervention or external interaction would have possibly affected their position, but the ultimate issue is that people who would want to help out in these situations have no way of knowing where and when events like these are occurring. 1 in 6 college freshmen woman have reported being victims of rape or sexual abuse, and over 2 of 6 college freshmen woman were victims of physical abuse. By creating a community for strong-willed individuals, we're strengthening and empowering the community in a way that could benefit hundreds and even thousands of people by saving them from the horrors of abuse. This app is targeted towards these said college students, as many of them live pretty close to each other and are mobile to come and intervene on a potentially hostile interaction.

What it does

sayv is a peer-to-peer network of up-standers who input their information in order to prevent abuse or rape if an event is to occur near them. By creating a real-time data stream, which continues to work in the background if the situation requires a sense of secrecy, upstanders will be able to know the location and dire event that a fellow user may be in with the simple click of the button. Other users within a 250 foot radius will be pinged about the location, immediately followed by a map link and an exact distance between themselves and the situation that needs attention.

Challenges I ran into

As a team, we were extremely inexperienced in using both Android Studio and Firebase, the two largest components of our app's success. Due to this, we spent a large amount of time seeking experienced mentors in the field, but were heartbroken when we failed to meet a single one well-versed in either Android Studio or Firebase. Additionally, we ran into major hardware flaws, as one of our team member's laptop failed to function on the internet, and another member's laptop ran out of battery without a nearby charger for a sum of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of & What we learned

Ultimately, our team has a learned a lot about the app creation and data storage and we're extremely proud of how far we were able to come in the past 24 hours. We were able to tackle all of our bugs head on and came together to debug and discover flaws within the system. As a group of friends, we grew closer over this common goal and we feel privileged to create an app that can positively impact the community in one way or another. Since this was our first time using Firebase and Android Studio, we are extremely satisfied with our success and progress over this event, especially learning how to utilize the google maps api and call locations in the background of an application.

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