The thought of making the App came to me around two weeks ago: Since people are always with their phones it's would be really great to make an app that will be able to offer some functionalities that would help people stay safe.

What it does

  1. It lets you communicate with a virtual assistant, which would give you some advice and with your method of responses could tell if you might be infected with COVID-19 and if you should get tested

  2. Shows live updates of infected areas around the world including confirmed cases, recoveries, and deaths. (All data is gotten from the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, which has proven to be a verified source)

  3. World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control Tips and Advice.

  4. A couple of notifications per day to remind you to follow WHO's safety guidelines and personal hygiene like washing your hands etc.

How I built it

This App was built specifically for Android since I am an Android Developer and another reason it was built for Android was that the Android mobile OS has lots of users that reach worldwide so my app is most likely to reach a lot of people that will find it very useful.

The App was built with the Android Studio IDE, Languages: Java, XML, and Kotlin.

Challenges I ran into

Right now am currently facing a challenge even after I finished coding and working on the App I tried submitting it to the Play Store but it was rejected. Reason? They said I will be needing a commission or authorization from the government or a renowned/official Health Organization, till I have documentation as proof of authorization my app will not be published. I tried all my best it wasn't enough but if my project wins this Hackathon given how many organizations are backing it, it would get published and reach out all over the world to help the people it was made to help.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Concerning this project, winning this hackathon would be a major accomplishment so the App can finally be published on the Play Store.

What I learned

Building this App taught me how to work at a very fast pace as I wanted to publish it as soon as possible to help people all over the world which saddens me now that the App hasn't been published yet.

What's next for Sayrah: Your Coronavirus Virtual Health Assistant

I have a very great interest in A.I so my future plans for Sayrah is to make her a better Virtual Assitant not just in the health sector but everywhere possible.

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