Many of our peers and colleagues have experienced sexual assault. We also read of a college student's personal story in the Bay Area. With college looming ahead, we felt we should address the problem. She wrote her story of facing sexual harassment on three separate occasions while using Lyft. After reporting these incidents, she was met with the same response each time: automated messages emphasizing Lyft’s dedication to safety without actually resolving the issue. When she finally communicated with a representative, the representative was unhelpful and unempathetic.

What it does

When the user feels unsafe, he or she will go to their widget/notification screen. With one click of a button, his or her emergency contacts will receive a text message saying, "I feel unsafe, please call me. Here’s my location:" If the user does not cancel the alert within five minutes, emergency dispatchers will be notified.

How we built it

We began by using Visual Studio and Xamarin, allowing us to write our code in C#. The build would run on the simulator but not the phone. We then moved to Xcode. With it, we were able to code the app, widget, and

Challenges we ran into

It took us several hours to set up Xcode since we wanted to use Visual Studio. This left us with a lot of time at the beginning of the project. We used it to our advantage and began our research and presentation. Later on, we had issues on Xcode while trying to get the widget on display onto our iPhones.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to execute our idea on both the technical side as well as the aesthetic one. More specifically, we are happy with our product name and logo which provides potential users with a good idea of what we created. In reference to a challenge we faced, we had difficulty setting up Xcode. But once we finally got it up and running, we were able to code a widget and use our own iPhones to send emergency messages to one another. In that moment that our product worked, we were able to gain more confidence adding additional features and furthering our project--leaving us extremely proud.

What we learned

We learned the value of persistence. For several hours, we could not code due to issues with Xcode. Yet we continued to try various solutions. Through this process, we also learned the importance of asking mentors and peers for assistance. We were provided with many different ideas and these ideas that were given to us helped us think of more solutions to our challenges as well.

What's next for Sayfe

Additional features we want to implement: 1. Customize messages that will be sent to emergency contacts; 2. Be able to rank emergency contacts in level of importance, Call primary emergency contact if they do not respond within 5 minutes with screen countdown timer, Call secondary emergency contact if they do not respond within 7 minutes; 3. Add a feature to call 911 if needed

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