Videoconferencing has become ubiquitous, everywhere, every time for everyone. But sound quality is still a handicap. Microphones are getting better, but many variables still compromise the sound quality and sometimes the connection. Messages and conversations get lost or interrupted.

What if we could get a transcript of what everyone says in the call?

We propose a real-time caption system supporting the conversation. Voice will be translated into subtitles. There are 3 mains unique selling points:

  1. Realtime subtitles to support the conversation, when voice or sound quality are not ideal to be understood.
  2. When video breaks, (hopefully) subtitles will continue in realtime, providing a continuous conversation experience.
  3. Written transcriptions of the meetings. A written recording of the conversation allows for future analysis, reporting, proofing, etc.


We could automatically translate the transcript to other language to ease communication. A brief summary of the entire meeting could be automatically generated.

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